Ansteorra Performing Arts

Who we are and what we do

The Kingdom of Ansteorra has an active performing arts program.  These include solo performance, music ensembles, and dance groups.

For Middle Eastern Dance, Music and performance see Middle Eastern Cultures.

Kingdom Bards 

Ansteorra has an active group of Bards.  A Bard, in the SCA, is a performer that strives for excellence in solo performance, of songs, stories, and poetry.  This runs from SCA favorites to period documented pieces.  For more information see Bardic, contact the Bardic Deputy or join the Bards of Ansteorra group.  For information on the Premier Bardic competition see Eisteddfod information on the Bardic page.

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Kingdom Musicians

Ansteorra has an active collective of instrumental musicians and musical ensembles that play at various events.  We also have a Kingdom Choir.  For more information see Musicians or contact the Music Deputy.  A Facebook group can also be found under Ansteorra Musicians.  This is also a helpful place to request musicians play for your event, court or ball.

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Kingdom European Dancers

Ansteorra holds balls at many events, with practice lessons earlier in the day.  This runs from period dances, to English Country favorites.  For information on dance near you see Dance or contact the Dance Deputy or join the unofficial Facebook group Ansteorra European Dancers Group.

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