Officer Policies

There are several policies that apply to officers in all spaces. These are not all of them but these are the most important ones to know and abide by if you are an Arts and Sciences officer. The reporting guidelines are specific to our group here in Kingdom. Anything else on this page is a summary for your immediate reference. The information on contain the entire policy, some additional information, and may be updated frequently. If there is conflict then is the right one.

Reporting Guidelines

Our reports more than anything else in the SCA keep our non profit educational status with the US Government. They are vital for the health and kindom. Please follow the following guidlines when sending reports. You will need to keep to the deadlines. There is a very short window for your regionals and deputies to get reports in so I can get them to society.

  • Local Minister Deadline – Reports are due on the 1st for the previous month. If you are going to be later than the 1st, please let your regional know right away for a short extension. If you have not reported by the 5th, then we will reach out. If deadlines are consistently missed you may be asked to step down.
  • Cultural, Regional, and Special Interest Deputies – Your reports are due no later than the 5th in the following months, for the previous three months: March (Winter Report), June (Spring Report), September (Summer Report), December (Fall Report). This gives me a very short time to get this all summerized and up to society. I recommend putting a document out on your PC or phone to keep items as you go. This can keep you from having to re-review items, or remember items from a couple of months ago.

Conduct and Social Media Policies

The SCA has a social media policy that covers how officers can use social media if it is associated with the SCA in any way. This includes any Social media platform, mailing list, or unofficial group that is loosely associated with the kingdom or society. This also extendes to your personal Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. that is in your SCA name or shows an SCA entity on your profile.

Here is a summary for what applice to your office.

Through this policy the SCA wants to encourage its members and participants to use creativity and innovation in the use of social
media by its entities to increase connectivity and participation. However, we need to ensure that all content posted to official SCA social media channels by any officer or participant supports the achievement of the Society’s Mission, and its role as an international non-profit volunteer educational organization. We also want to ensure that all people engaging with, and on behalf of a group or the SCA through social media have a
clear and common understanding of expected standards of behavior, and how they will be managed.

This policy applies to all people, and especially officers communicating through official SCA social media channels, people using a profile or interacting on any social media, including unofficial channels that demonstrate a direct connection to the various levels of the SCA. Remember our core values are courtesy, honor, chivalry and repect even when their are inevitable differences of opinion.

Please review the The SCA Social Media Policy and follow its guidlines. We are here to support, and create a great experience for our arts and sciences participants. Please post thoughtfully when you do.

Hate Speech

The SCA does not accept any form of hate speech. Hate speech is any expression or symbol that harms, intimidates, or discriminates against people based on their identity, such as race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, or other characteristics. Such expressions and symbols have no place in the Society and do not contribute to any meaningful dialogue. They only cause damage and distress to the Society and its members. Anyone who engages in hate speech may face serious consequences, including losing their membership and being banned from participating in the Society. Please review the Hate Speech Statement from the SCA, inc.


The SCA prohibits bullying and harassment of all individual and groups. Bullying is ongoing and unwelcome behavior which involves the use of influence, threat, intimidation, or coercion to cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people. When the bullying behavior is based on a protected class, that behavior is defined as harassment. Please refere to the Bullying Policy. Don’t do it and if you do you may be suspended for a period of time or asked to resign.