Ministry Officers, Special Interest & Cultural Groups

Local Officers

Please see the website for the individual group you are trying to locate. The list can be found here, but their emails are MOAS@<group name>

Regional Officers

Central Region – Jessimond of Emerickeskep, – Email Central

Southern Region – Sigrun Í Biarká, she/her/they – Email Southern

Principality Officer

Principality of Vindheim – Yzabeau Brossier – Email Vindheim

Special Interests

Dance (European) – Myfanwy Ferch Eifion – Email Dance

Equine Studies – Isabeau Wynter – Email Equine

Historical Combat – Sigurðr Hrafnsson – Email Combat

Music – Esme Malespina, she/her & Sean Tabor, he/him – Email Music or join the Ansteorra Musician’s Collective

Performance (Bardic) – Áshildr Inn Hárfagri, she/her – Email Performance or Ansteorra Bards

Cultural Deputies

Far Eastern Asian Cultures – Kobayashi no Hotaru and Alhdryð Ceorlstrang – Email Far East or join them on Facebook

Indigenous Western Hemisphere Cultures – Malkyn Hawke, they/them – Email Indigenous or join them on Facebook

Jewish and Jewish Diasphora Cutures – Hadassah Sarai Bas Yossi – Email Jewish or join them on Facebook

Middle Eastern & Islamic Cultures – Dominique Michelle LeVesseur – Email Mid-East or join them on Facebook

Romani Culture – Castellana de Andalucia & Stephania Pane – Email Romani or join them on Facebook

Coming Soon – African and African Diasphora, India GLBTQIA+

Kingdom At Large

Accommodations – Delphina de Champeaux, she/her – Email Accomodations

Programs and Training – René Damours, he/him – Email Programs


Kingdom – Biatrichi Malatesta Canzionari di Palermo, she/her – Email Kingdom

ER Deputy – Czina Angielczyka, she/her – Email Kingdom ER