MEDC Rules

Dancers will typically perform 2 pieces. Whether the pieces are choreographed or spontaneous the dancer’s choice. This piece is limited to 5 minutes.

The first piece should be based on period dance traditions as we understand them. Documentation is preferred but not required. Keeping the style based in a single culture is desired.

The second piece is an improv piece, preformed to the “house band” and will lean towards creativity and movement. The reason for this piece is the Kingdom Champion must be able to perform at the need of the Crown. This piece is limited to 3 minutes.

Dancers may perform to live music or recorded music. Recorded Music must be appropriate for the period style piece that is being performed.

Dancers may provide their own musician(s) or use the “house musician(s)” when dancing to live music.

Depending on number of dancers, there may be a preliminary competition round prior to the evening’s final competition/performance.

Performances will be judged according to criteria that will be released at the time of competition, but the A&S performance sheet is a good guide. Stay tuned for dates and times.