Ansteorra Middle Eastern Culture Studies

Who we are and what we do

The Kingdom of Ansteorra has a deputy to promote the arts and Sciences of the Middle East.  This includes the areas from the Maghreb, to the Mediterranean rim,  the Arab Middle East, Turkic cultures, the Levant and the cultures of Persia and India.

The Middle Eastern Cultures Group currently has an annual symposium and hosts the Middle Eastern Dance Competition.

Middle Eastern is not just for dance and music anymore. Middle Eastern Cultures is now focused on the promotion of all Middle Eastern studies in Ansteorra. Our community includes all Eastern oriented cultures from the Magrehb to, the Mediteranean ring, to the Turkic Steppes to Persia and India. This includes the study of their history, religious influences, arts and sciences.

We have a Facebook page called Ansteorra ME Community, and an active community discussion group under Ansteorran Middle Eastern Community. Join our pages to keep updated on happenings in the community. We also post links to local exhibits, information on resources and other topics of interest that are Middle Eastern focused.

Middle Eastern Culture Symposium

List of Classes

Saturday July 28th 2018

8:00AM-Until the Dancing is Done
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
5550 FM2495 Athens Texas 75752

The Kingdom of Ansteorra’s Middle Eastern Community is hosting a symposium on the Arts and Sciences of the Middle East in conjunction with Shire of Graywood. Not only will there be Dance, and Music classes, there will be classes in Food, Textiles and other Daily Life, which includes everything from Middle Eastern Siege Engines to making your own Shoes. After hours we will have a sumptuous Greek feast sideboard and Hafla (an evening of Dance and Music). Be you Sarasin or Crusader, there will be classes for ALL. Come explore the wonders of the East.

Event Registration

Adult Registration – $15.00
Child Registration (10-17) – $7.00
Under 10 – Free
Adult Member Discount Event Registration – $10.00
Hafla Feast Registration – $10.00
Family Maximum – $40.00

Make Checks Payable to SCA Inc. – Shire of Graywood

Site is wet after 5:00PM for Hafla. Burn bans are common in July, please no open flames.  Service Animals only.


From Dallas: U.S. 175 south to Athens. Follow Loop 7 east to F.M. 2495. Turn left on F.M. 2495 and follow it about three miles to TFFC.

From Houston: I-45 north to Texas 31 at Corsicana (about 185 miles). Go east on Texas 31 to Athens. Follow Loop 7 east to F.M. 2495. Turn left on F.M. 2495 and follow it about three miles to TFFC.

From Austin: I-35 north to Texas 31 at Waco (about 100 miles). Follow Texas 31 east to Athens. Follow Loop 7 east to F.M. 2495. Turn left on F.M. 2495 and follow it about three miles to TFFC. Alternate route: I-35 north to Round Rock, then U.S. 79 east o Palestine, then Texas 19 north to Athens. Turn right onto Loop 7 and follow it east to F.M. 2495. Turn right on F.M. 2495 and follow it about three miles to TFFC.

Class Coordinator
Biatrichi Canzionari
Jane Bretz

Middle Eastern Dance and Music

Ansteorra has been a known world leader in the study of period Middle Eastern dance.  Not only do we have an annual championship but we have several hafla’s and learning opportunities throughout the year.

Next Hafla – Steppe’s Warlord see calendar for details.   

Eastern Dance and Music Resources

I don’t have that much good information on non-Western dance or music, but there are a couple of sources of middle-eastern info on the Web.

Middle Eastern Dance – (by Karol Harding, Complete Anachronist # 70).  This is somewhat dated, but a good primer on what little we know of period dance.  This link is poorly presented but the original can be purchased from, or contact the Middle Eastern Deputy to view a copy.

Middle-Eastern Music mailing list archives

Dur’s middle eastern newsletter

Hafla Songs – Carmine Guida – Ansteorra Middle Eastern Musicians – Ansteorra has a large drumming culture with many drum circles and Hafla’s going on through out the year.  We are also in the process of forming a Middle Eastern Melody Ensemble.  For more information please contact the Middle Eastern Deputy.  Music, scale and drumming cheat sheets can be found at this site and used with permission.

Early Dance Journal – Journal of the Cambridge University International Early Dance Institute. 

Middle Eastern Dance Championship – TBD 2019

Every year, Ansteorra chooses it’s Middle Eastern Dance Champion. This champion is expected to be able to entertain the crown and populace upon request, and is typically a term of one year.

Current Champion – Layla Bint Yusuf

For a list of past champions please visit Ansteorra Past MEDC for rules see MEDC Rules.