Laurels Prize

LPT 2024 – Province of Mooneschadowe

Laurel’s prize tournament is an opportunity for artisans to show works in progress, a body of work, or just discuss their passion with the Laurel’s of Ansteorra in a relaxed atmosphere. The prize? Largess (small tokens) for those who participate and impress. We will also be having a virtual LPT for those who cannot attend during the whole month of February. You can also send in a short video for the display the day of. Sign up today for both in person or virtual. Deadline for is February 1st to sign up. Signup after the deadline will be as space is available. For more details on site and schedule please see the Ansteorran Events Calendar

Why is it called Laurels Prize Tournament?

Back in the beginning days of Ansteorra, the laurels decided to throw a tournament where they would each sponsor a fighter. Over the years it became an arts showcase where artists, laurels and other artists can get together and geek out about art. So there no longer is a tournament because everyone wins.