Special Thanks To…

Special thanks to the wonderful people who helped provide the photographs for this page:

Master Geoffrey Cathan

Master Cynric of Bedwyn

Master Jovian Skleros

Master Thomas of Tenby

Baroness Philippa Rookhaven

Mistress Amata Amati d’Arezzo

Duke Arthur of Lockehaven The History of the Kingdom of The West Webpage: Spring Crown Tourney A.S. IV

Armand Dragonetti provided photos from Armand’s Photo Album

Lord Key Connor provided photos from Steppes Artisan 2002

Kevin Connery provided photos from his Great Western War III November 12-14, 1999 webpage.

Lady Kateline de Lys

Photo credits are provided as a pop-up over the photo (just hold your cursor over the photo for a moment, and the credit should appear). Alternatively, photo credits are also coded into the photo’s filename, so if you right-click on the photo and select “Properties” or “Save Image As” you should be able to tell who provided the photograph. Photos with no attribution were provided by the individual in the photo.