In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Ansteorran Laurels Who Are With Us In Spirit

Make me the vessel of your excellence what you, to merit your loved laurel, ask.  Until this point, one of  Parnassus’ peaks sufficed for me; but now I face the test, the agon that is left; I need both crests… O godly force, if you so lend yourself to me, that I might show the shadow of the blessed realm inscribed within my mind, then you would see me underneath the tree you love; there I shall take as crown the leaves of which my theme and you shall make me worthy.  So seldom, father, are those garlands gathered for triumph of a ruler or a poet … that when Peneian branches can incite someone to long and thirst for them, delight must fill the happy Delphic deity. – Dante Alighieri (Paradiso. I, 13-33)

Anastacia Marie Traverra

  • Date of Elevation: 10/10/1992
  • Location: Barony of Namron
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Calligraphy, illumination, embroidery

Aethelstan Aethelmearson

  • Date of Elevation: 10/13/2001
  • Location: Barony of Namron
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Pierced metalwork, bardcraft, leather tooling

Aodhan Ite an Fhithich

  • Date of Elevation: 04/29/1990
  • Location: Barony of Loch Sollier
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Irish costuming, heraldry, Irish nomenclature, Scribal Arts

Bjorn Magnusson Esping

  • Date of Elevation: 01/05/1985
  • Location: Barony of Namron
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Cooking, tent making, costuming, armoring, woodwork and mead making

Branwyn O’Brallaghan

  • Date of Elevation: 05/28/1983
  • Location: Barony of the Steppes
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Painting, graphic arts, gilding, plays a variety of period musical instruments

Cadwallader the Crazed

  • Date of Elevation: 01/14/1995
  • Location: Shire of Trelac
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Leatherwork

Caitlin Anna ni Sheanain

  • Date of Elevation: 06/20/1992
  • Location: Barony of Namron
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Weaving, tavern-keeping

Catrin ferch Gwilym o Gomway

  • Date of Elevation: 01/07/1989
  • Location: Barony of Northkeep
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Singing, bardic arts, early period costuming and embroidery

Clare RosMuire St. John

  • Date of Elevation: 03/03/1984
  • Location: Barony of Bryn Gwlad
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Herbalism, research, calligraphy and illumination

Dunstana Talana the Violet

  • Date of Elevation: 12/11/1993
  • Location: Barony of Northkeep
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Costuming, Domestic Arts, Foodways, Woodcarving, Heraldry, Needlework

Dyan du lac des Calandres

  • Date of Elevation: 7/9/2005
  • Location: Shire of Rosenfeld
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Embroidery, Tassel making, Glove making, Jewelry Fabrication, some Calligraphy and Illumination

Edward d’Orleans

  • Date of Elevation: 05/05/1990
  • Location: Barony of Wiesenfeuer
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Cabinetry, woodcarver, blacksmith crafting hinges, handles, and clasps

Eowyn ferch Rhys

  • Date of Elevation: 09/28/1997
  • Location:  Barony of Elfsea
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Bardcraft

Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus 

  • Date of Elevation: 01/03/1985
  • Location:  Ansteorra
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Dance, heraldry.

Ginevra Rodney

  • Date of Elevation: 05/15/2001
  • Location: Barony of Loch Sollier
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Fine art, lost wax casting, enameling, braiding, research papers, embroidery and lacework , costume design and manufacture, calligraphy and folklore

Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad

  • Date of Elevation: 04/15/1978
  • Location: Known World
  • Area(s) of Expertise:  Alchemy

Janet Virago Parva of House Morningstar

  • Date of Elevation: 11/21/1987
  • Location: Barony of Stargate
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Leatherwork

Kemreth Danil

  • Date of Elevation: 07/14/1979
  • Location: Barony of Bjornsborg
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Weaving, spinning, jewelry-work, calligraphy, herbalism

Lucais du Belier

  • Date of Elevation: 10/19/1996
  • Location: Barony of Wiesenfeuer
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Bardic arts, voice heraldry, drumming/hand percussion

Ragnar Ulfgarsson

  • Date of Elevation: 02/16/1986
  • Location: Barony of Bjornsborg
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Poetry, Skaldic Arts, Performance, Graphic Arts

Roane Fairegae of Lochlann

  • Date of Elevation: 09/26/1987
  • Location: Barony of Namron
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Viking research

Roselynde d’Angleterre

  • Date of Elevation: 01/10/1987
  • Location: Barony of Northkeep
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Bard craft, costuming, embroidery, dance, instrumental music, cookery, calligraphy and illumination

Sieglinde Syr

  • Date of Elevation: 03/04/1984
  • Location: Barony of Stargate
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Vocal performance, music and written composition, poetry

Talwyn Devana

  • Date of Elevation: 02/16/1986
  • Location: Kingdom of the Outlands
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Spinning, weaving, dyeing

Terans den Sjofarende

  • Date of Elevation: 04/05/1981 – Atenveldt
  • Location: Atenveldt
  • Area(s) of Expertise: Unknown