Order of the Laurel

The Ansteorran Laurels

Who They Are and What They Do

The Order of the Laurel is one of the Peerages, equal in standing with the Knights, Pelicans, and Masters of Defense. It is the highest award given in the SCA for excellence in the Arts and Sciences. Laurels attempt to inspire others to create beautiful and authentic works by teaching and example.

A laurel wreath has been the symbol of excellence since Ancient Greece, where the wreath was awarded to great scholars, artists, soldiers, and those athletes who won in competitions such as the Olympic Games. Though wreaths are no longer given, the tradition survives to this day: in England, the Queen appoints a Poet Laureate from amongst the foremost poets of the day, a position the poet holds for life.  It is also the basis for the Nobel Laureate’s name.

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Laurel Wreath