Judging Policies & Requirements

Arts and Sciences Value Statement

The SCA has set the following ideals for all judging. Please keep in mind the mission and core values of the SCA as you enter and judge.

SCA Mission Statement:

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international non-profit volunteer educational organization. The SCA is devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-17th century skills, arts, combat, culture, and employing knowledge of world history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities.

In pursuing its mission, the SCA is committed to excellence in its programs, communications, and activities.

Ansteorra Championships

Ansteorra has three kingdom-level opportunities to be recognized by the crown of Ansteorra as their representative to the arts: Kingdom Arts and Sciences, Kingdom Performance, and Middle Eastern Dance. Each of these championships has different criteria, purposes, and needs and is judged in diverse ways. When in doubt see the forms below the descriptions of the categories.

We are a world history organization and Ansteorra believes in promoting diversity in all activities. Entries will need to be possible before 1600 but can be from any culture on the globe. There is no geographical limit to any kingdom level entry, at any time.

Need to better understand how the judging forms are used and what each question means? Watch video De-Mystifying the Judging Sheets in Ansteorra – KC2021 YouTube.