Judging Forms

Need to better understand how the judging forms are used and what each question means? Watch video De-Mystifying the Judging Sheets in Ansteorra – KC2021 YouTube.

Gulf War Judging Forms

Judging forms from Other Kingdoms

Some of the other Kingdoms have divisions and category specific judging criteria. These can be helpful to those judging for the first time. These are not specific to our kingdom but can provide ideas on what to look for in an entry

Aethelmearc – http://www.aeans.org/

An Tir – https://www.antir.org/offices/minister-of-arts-and-sciences/

Atenveldt – http://arts.atenveldt.org/Documents/KingdomCompetitionJudgingSheets

Atlantia – https://moas.atlantia.sca.org/

Artemisia – https://arts.artemisia.sca.org/

Avacal – http://www.avacal.org/artsci/SitePages/Home.aspx

Caid – http://wp.as.sca-caid.org/as-competitions/category-and-forms/

Calontir – https://www.calontir.org/a-s-criteria/

Drachenwald – https://drachenwald.sca.org/#/ or Drachenwald Ministry of Arts and Sciences

Ealdormere – https://www.ealdormere.ca/

East – https://moas.eastkingdom.org/

Gleann Abhann – http://artsandsciences.gleannabhann.net/

Lochac – https://artsandsciences.lochac.sca.org/

Meridies – https://artsandsciences.meridies.org/wp/

Middle – https://midrealm.org/kmoas/

Northshield – http://www.northshield.org/resources/SubMenu.aspx?ArtsAndSciences

Outlands – https://www.outlands.org/a-s-library and https://www.outlands.org/kingdom-a-s-competition-divisions-categories

Trimaris – https://www.trimaris.org/divisions-categories/

West – https://www.westkingdom.org/officer/kingdom-west/arts-sciences

Sample Judging Criteria by Topic

Arts & Sciences Judging Criteria | Kingdom of Drachenwald (sca-drachenwald.gitlab.io)