Ansteorra Arts and Sciences Guilds and Study Groups

Finding Guilds and Special Interest Groups in Ansteorra

Ansteorra has a number of Kingdom interest groups and guilds on various areas of interest that do projects throughout the year. They can be found in this directory or on Facebook under Ansteorran (name of Interest) or Ansteorra (name of interest).

If you are interested in having your guild or group listed, please copy the Arts &Sciences Webminister and copy the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Minister.

Directory of Guilds & Interest Groups

Please note most Facebook pages for guilds are not official SCA Inc., nor kingdom entities. The views expressed on social media may not reflect the views, by-laws and polices of The SCA, Inc.  If you have issues with arts groups on Facebook, DO NOT contact a Minister of Arts & Sciences.  Please contact the Facebook group admin or report the issue to Facebook directly, if the activity violates their terms of service. If the group is listed as an official SCA group, review the policy on bullying to be found on and contact a Regional or the Kingdom Seneschal. 

Kingdom of Ansteorra Groups

Ansteorra Artisans
Class Handout Repository
Coin Striking
Dance, European
Dance, Middle Eastern
Embroidery Circle
Flag Waving


Gunners Guild

HEraldic Consultation
Herbal Compendium


Herbalism and Apothecary


Lace Makers Guild
Lampwork Bead Guild
Longship Association
Lure Coursing & Period Hounds
Medieval Agriculture
Musician’s Collective
Parchment Project 

Local Arts and Sciences Groups

For information on local and regional arts groups, Groups to contact your local Arts and Sciences Minister, or the appropriate regional.

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