Kingdom Arts and Sciences Events

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The Kingdom of Ansteorra has several events that are Arts and Sciences focused or are kingdom competitions attached to other events.  For dates and places, go to the Kingdom Calendar. If you are new to competition please see our resources pages above. 

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Educational Events

Laurel’s Prize Tournament

Laurel’s Prize Tournament is held the second weekend of September.  It is a body of work display for artisans to receive feedback from the artisans that have been given membership in the SCA’s premier arts circle, the Order of the Laurel.  This allows artisans to receive constructive feedback and see where their focus should be to take their art or science to the next level.  For more information on the Laurel consult The Order of the Laurel page.

Kings College

King’s College is held the second weekend of June.  This is a day of classes that cover a vast number of Arts and Sciences as they pertain to the SCA.  There are classes for beginners, lectures on history & science topics, hands-on demonstrations, and classes for concentration on a small aspect of an art or science. This is a good way to look for your new recreation passion.

Special Interest Symposiums and Colleges

The Special Interest deputies of Ansteorra and the society as a whole have many special interest symposiums on various topics. Some examples include Middle Eastern Studies Symposium, and Known World Dance and Music. These can be held in a classroom setting or as virtual events. For more information check the news page or

Baronial, Shire, Canton, and Stronghold Arts & Sciences Colleges and Symposium

Many groups have their own Arts & Sciences collegiums and symposiums. An example is Elfsea Baronal College and Loch Soillier Serpent’s Symposium. These can be general or incorporate a special theme. Please consult the group’s or deputy’s webpage, or the Kingdom Calendar for more information.

Competitive Events

Whereas, the first mission of Arts and Sciences is to educate, we do provide those interested with the ability to compete for various titles at the Kingdom and local level.

Kingdom Arts & Sciences

Kingdom Arts & Sciences is the premier arts and sciences competition in Ansteorra held the second weekend of February.  A Kingdom Artisan is chosen to represent arts excellence in the kingdom for a period of a year.  Ten additional artisans are chosen for excellence in competition and all participants that score in the top 20% receive a badge for their efforts.   Participants can enter any two of three areas of concentration: Static Display, Research Paper, Performance.  Artisans are also chosen at this competition to represent the Kingdom in the Gulf Wars arts competition.

Past Kingdom Artisans

Royal Performer

Also known as Eisteddfod and Kingdom Bardic, this is an annual competition held in the winter in conjunction with another event.  This is a competition in performance for the honor of being Kingdom’s premier performer.   These performers are chosen to represent the Kingdom of Ansteorra in the Gulf Wars Arts Competition

Past Royal Performers and Bards

Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance

Middle-Eastern Dance Championship is held in conjunction with another event, typically in the Fall.  This is a competition in Middle-Eastern Dance Performance.  Dancers perform a choreographed or improvisational researched piece and participate in a second round of on-demand performance.  The Champion Dancer will perform for the crown as requested.  For more information see  Middle Eastern Studies.

Past ME Dance Champions

Other Competitions

Gulf War Competitions

Those chosen in other competitions will compete in a competition for a point in the Gulf War event held in March.  There is also an open populace competition for all comers. For more information contact the deputy for Gulf War Arts and Sciences.

Baronial, Shire, Canton, and Stronghold Arts & Sciences Championships

Many groups will choose a local Arts and Sciences and Bardic Champion to represent them.  Some baronies hold these in conjunction with their winter event, collegium event, or in a special competition.  Some examples are Stargate Yule, Namron Beltane, Loch Soilleir Serpent’s Symposium, Bryn Gwlad Candlemas, and Steppe’s Artisan.   Please consult the group’s event page linked to the Kingdom Calendar for more information on local competitions or contact the local Arts and Sciences Minister.