Ansteorra Equestrian Studies

Who we are and what we do

Equestrian studies and activities have long been a strength of Ansteorra. We study byzantine, medieval, and renaissance horsemanship and re-enact numerous equestrian activities. Participants acquire skill and expertise through individual study and practice, as well as hands-on classes and competition at equestrian practices and events.

Current equestrian activities include mounted archery, byzantine and medieval cavalry maneuvers, riding before a prince (a form of medieval and early renaissance dressage), and martial training activities such as sword handling, as well as tilting at the rings and quintain. Some riders also participate in mounted behourd (wooden baton) combat, as well as jousting, using frangible foam-tipped lances. There is also an experimental jousting program that uses balsa or spiral-cut wood tips, and an experimental Rossfechten program that practices sword techniques from masters such as Lichtenauer and Fiore. At larger events, equestrians sometimes take part in royal processions. 

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