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See the Key for class designations, fees and restrictions. Classes are Subject to Change. Any Limitations are based on class size, skill prerequisite or content. Please read the description for more information on the restriction.
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Demo – Hands On – Lecture – Round Table

Age Restrictions

Adult ONLY – Youth 13+ – 13+ Adult + 8 +Adult

Restrictions or Fees

Limited – Class Fee

Calligraphy, Illumination & Heraldry

Carolingian Miniscule 

Charlemagne’s court script was the first  a standardized script for all Europe.  It ran from roughly 800 to 1200.  Bring your calligraphy supplies.

Hands on – Youth 13+

Ian the Green – Namron

Illuminations for the Non-Artistic

Do you wish you could paint amazing scrolls, but don’t know how to get past “paint by numbers”? This class will teach you the simple tricks of bars, diapering, and whitework that even the non-artist can use to improve their work.

Hands On – Class size limit of 12

Willoc macMuiredaig – Hellsgate

The Magic Wings – Using the winged dividers

The winged dividers, or drawing compass, is one of the oldest measuring tools of human history, and is a tool still used today for precise measurements of distances, angles, and proportions. Learn some of the fundamentals this time tested and widely underappreciated tool.

Demonstration – 8+ with an adult

Ivo Blackhawk – Wiesenfeuer

Sable Scroll Boot Camp

Hands on class on the office of Sable Scroll. We will have charters to fill in location information for upcoming events (no names). During class we will also discuss the job responsibilities and administrative tasks of the office, with an open Q&A. 

Hands on – Adults Only

Katerine le Roux d’Anjou – Steppes

What to Expect When You’re Expecting Brass Hats – A Court Herald’s Crash Course

From the preparing for entering a tournament to the day they step down, what should the valiant herald expect as the voice of a prospective landed? We’ll go through preparing for your first (and second, and third, and, and, and…) procession, preparing for AND heralding court, reports, delegation, managing your landed nobles, managing your new and very visible role, and the differences across all these activities between baronial, principality, and kingdom level. Your mileage may vary, but we’re all in this together!

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Áshildr Inn Hárfagri – Namron

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Clothing, Embellishments & Accessories

Beginners Bobbin Lace

An introduction to bobbin lace basics. You will make and take a length of bobbin lace that you can sew on clothing, etc. All tools, pillows, and thread are provided at no cost to the student.

Hands on – Adults Only – Supplies are limited to 10 participants but all can join.

Eleonora Alberti di Calabria – Bjornsborg

Beginning Goldwork 101

A few stitches and steps on how to do some simple goldwork, using DMC and other metallic threads.  

Hands on – Youth 13 + – Class limit of 5 with an option $5 fee

Anne Harper – Bjornsborg

Creating Byzantine Jewelry

A discussion of various types of jewelry from the early middle ages.  Participants will be able to make and take a piece of their own jewelry.

Hands on – Youth 13 + – Class size of 10 with an optional $5 fee

Roana FitzStephen – Steppes

Creating the Cheese Wheel or Swirling Hat

A lecture on the creation of the Frisbee or Cheese hat worn in the Marie de Magdala painting by Roger de la Pasture and other historic pictures.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Gwenfrewi ferch LlewellynGlaslyn

Dog Barding & Heraldry Applications

Dog Barding is using heraldry for variety of applications, from pomp of courtly display to period way of service dog identification.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Fortune Stykewynd Bjornsborg

Drafting the Gothic Fitted Gown for the Generous Figure – Part 1

We will demonstrate how to drape a model of generous size for a Gothic Fitted gown, also called a Cotehardie and discuss tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Demonstration – All Ages Welcome

Alexandria DoyleBjornsborg

Feather Styling and Attachment for Hats in 15th through 16th Century Europe

Demo and hands on class showing some feather art amend methods and styling ideas.

Hands on – Youth 13+ – $1-$3 Class fee depending on feather type

Anne von Wiese – Bryn Gwalad

Finnish Iron Age Clothing – Eura, Luistari

Pet My Garb- Come check out the patterns and decorations for an Iron Age grave found in Finland, Eura, Luistari.


Jayne Cobham – Wiesenfeuer

Finnish Underdress – Getting Started

Learn to draft a pattern and construct a Finnish underdress. 

Demonstration – 13+ with Adult

Mariella Magdalena di Guilio – Wiesenfeuer

The Grande Assiette Sleeve – How to Draft – Part 2

We will demonstrate how to draft the Grande Assiette sleeve for insertion into a men’s or women’s cotehardie.

Demonstration – All Ages Welcome

Alexandra Doyle – Bjornsborg

Knot Quite Spinning Tales – The History and Structure of Knitting

An introduction to the history and development of knitting through the SCA period. We will address the evolution of our understanding of this history, misconceptions and superstitions, and the actual mechanics of knitting itself. This is not a how-to-knit class, but can be a pre-knitting class to arm a prospective yarnaholic with the knowledge they might need to dive in.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Áshildr Inn Hárfagri – Namron

Learning the St. Bridgit’s Cap

Learn how to create your own St. Brigit’s cap including the interlaced herringbone stitch

Hands on – Youth 13+ – Class limit 10 with an optional $5 fee for Supplies

Caterina Bella Rosso – Rosenfeld

Making a Pattern for a 16th Century Glove

Make a pattern for your own 16th Century Glove.

Hands On – Childern 8+ with Adult

Margherita de Mantua – Namron

Pattern to Garb

I offer a sewing class how to start  garb and execute with various types patterns, altering available patterns for a custom fit.

Hands On – Children 8+ with Adult

Elizabeth Fraser – Bryn Gwlad

Simple Headwraps, Scarves and Veils

Learn several ways to cover your head from early-period cultures.  Focuses on women’s headgear, but men’s turbans also included.  Bring your own scarf for hands-on learning!

Hands On – All Ages Welcome

Rayya al-Ruqay’a Crown Lands

Understanding Basic Garment Design Structures – Early, Late, and Renaissance Clothing

We will discuss the various period garment structure designs and how they apply to their period.  We will also discuss potential “transitional” garments that show the evolution of how period clothing was made.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Gwenfrewi ferch Llewellyn – Glaslyn

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English Country Dance for Beginners

Learn the basics to English Country Dance and learn some of the simple yet common beginner level dances. All levels welcomed, but tailored towards those new to dance.

Sieghart Müller – Shadowlands

Beginners Bransle Suite

In this class we will learn the Bransle Suite. All are welcome from novices to experienced dancers.

Hands On – All Ages Welcome

Iðunn Arnardottir – Shadowlands

English Country Dance for Three Couples

This class will teach three dances for three couples with related figures: Millison’s Jig, Maiden Lane, and Black Nag. All skill levels are welcome.

Hands on – Children 8+

Perronnelle Charrette – Stargate

Fun, Flirtatious, Fifteenth Century Italian Dancing

No experience needed!  We will learn a few fifteenth century Italian dances.  

Hands On – Youth 13+

Myfanwy ferch Eifion Bryn Gwlad

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Documentation, Research & Display Skills

Academic Manuscripting and Documentation

An overview of MLA, APA, ASA, and Chicago documentation styles and the philosophies behind each, with practice citing a variety of sources. Feel free to bring sources for practice; our fields of research pose unique challenges.

Hands On – Adults Only

Detlef von Marburg – Hellsgate

Documentation Best Practices – How to be Successful Without Overwriting

Documentation at KAS is something that is not well understood.  You don’t have to have a Masters Degree to document your Art. What should be in your documentation for static, and performance without a lot of writing?  Come talk to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister on what you need in your documentation and what you don’t.

Biatrich Malatesta Canzionari di Palermo – Stargate

Lecture – Youth 13+

Secrets of Research and Library Resources for Artisans, Fighters, Nobles & Royals

Have You tried to find resources for your Projects and were frustrated with slim information? Do you want to be more proficient in your Library Research skills? This is the class for you. Participants will learn about streamlining their research to fit their project. You will learn about the fantastic array of Library Resources including Interlibrary Loan Services, that make research fun and informative. We will cover all experience levels.

Lecture – Adults Only

Caitilin inghean Ronain ui Cheallaigh – Stargate

Uplifting your Static Arts Display – How to make it stand out

Have you seen the wonderful arts displays, and wondered how you can make yours look better? I have some simple tips and suggestions that can help any display, no matter what the artform. These ideas don’t cost a lot of money – but they can turn a project sitting on a table into a display that people want to explore and learn from.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Czina Angielczyka – Bjornsborg

Using Microsoft Word to Enhance Documentation – Auto Bibliography, Table of Contents & Other Word Tools

In this class you will learn how to use Microsoft Word to compile your documentation. Ex: Table of contents, the importance of using headers, compiling references for citations and auto populating your Bibliography, etc.

Demonstration – 13+ with an Adult

Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann – Stargate

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Food, Drink, Household Life

A Deep Dive into Middle Eastern Cookery

Come and go with us on an adventure as we look at what makes Middle Eastern cooking so unique. We will look at the spice trade as well as regional ingredients. We will also look at techniques and traditions of the time. 

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Nafisa al-Nahdiya – Lecture

A Look at Spices in Period for Cooking

I will be discussing an assortment of period spices that was used in cooking, and various recipes they were used in. The student will be able to look, touch, and smell individual spices.

Demonstration – 13+ with an Adult

Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann – Stargate

Feasts and Cooking in the SCA – Where do we go from here

Round table discussion on challenges facing feast cooks now. Discussion is open to all topics facing feast cooks.

Round Table – Youth 13+ with Adult

Meadhbh ní Ruaidh ó Chonnemara – Bryn Gwlad

Graces – A Period Game

Graces is a period hoop and stick game that was designed to allow the ladies of the Court ( as well as the young girls) to gracefully ( hence the name) play and show off their lovely gowns at the same time, thereby hopefully attracting the interest of potential suitors. Often the other Courtiers would join in. Think of it as “ period frisbee”, with a twist.

Hands on – All Ages Welcome

Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi – Steppes

How to Play Cribbage

Learn the history of, and how to play the game of Cribbage

Hands on – 8+ with an Adult

Nicaize Maupetit – Bryn Gwlad

Japanese Flower Arranging – Ikebana

Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. The practice of using flowers as offerings in temples originated in the seventh century with Buddhism. The formalized version of Ikebana began under the Muromachi period around the 15th or 16th century. We will make a flower arrangement using the Rikka style in a tall vase. Materials and vases provided for 10 participants.

Hands on – Youth 13+ – Class size limit of 10

Marie da Estrela – Hellsgate

Kimchi, Your New Favorite Side Dish!

Kimchi, the traditional fermented vegetable dish from Korea, has been an integral part of Korean food culture for thousands of years. This class will be part lecture, part video demonstration as we explore not only the history of Kimchi but also the making and various types of Kimchi.

Demonstration – All Ages Welcome

Gwenllyan verch Wilkin – Elfsea

So You Want to Try Homebrew

“You made the decision that you want to try your hand at homebrewing! WOO HOO! Now what? This class is for the beginner or brewer who has not even started their 1st batch yet. We will discuss equipment, ingredients, and how-to for beer, mead & wine. Bring your questions and your notebook!”

Lecture – Adults Only

Daria von Drachewald – Hellsgate

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History, Culture & Language

The Golden Age of the Arabic Language

Evolution of the Arabic Language from the pre-Islamic era to the Golden Age. Soren teaches lessons in this language.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Soren Ragnarsson Vidarsson – Eldern Hills

How To Knight Good – The Written Education of the Late Medieval Profession of Arms

We often think of a medieval knight’s training taking place at the pell, the quintain, and the tourney ground, but seldom to we look at the role of knightly literature as well as specifically educational literature as a part of that curriculum. This class presents a survey of late medieval works ranging from the mid-14th to the late-15th centuries, discussing the lessons taught and the evolution of such works in light of changes to the profession of arms in the late medieval era.

Lecture – Youth 13+

Etienne de MontaguStargate – Lecture

In a Minute: The Counting and Measuring of Time in Period

The minute hand wasn’t invented until 1577, yet clocks, clepsydra, sundials and other “horologia” have been used to tell time from before antiquity. In this lecture I will take a deep dive into humanity’s concept of time and how to count it. We may lightly cover the various time keeping devices of Babylon, Greece, the Dar al Islam, as well as the later time keepers of Western Europe.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Diane Mallet – Bjornsborg – Lecture

It Didn’t End At Agincourt

Much is made of the celebrated English victories of the Hundred Years War. Less remarked are the tremendous reverses they suffered in fifteenth century, leading to their ultimate defeat. This class provides an overview of the political and military circumstances that brought about the French victory. 

Lecture – Youth 13+ with Adult

Etienne de MontaguStargate

Renaissance Art – Controversy, Subversion & Cronyism

Learn about the story behind the art of the likes of Di Vinci, Titian, and Michelangelo. Some sensitive subjects.

Lecture – Adult Only – This class will include adult topics and language. Attendee discretion is advised.

Dante Malatesta Stargate

Roman Apotropaic Art – How to Avert the Evil Eye

How did the Romans think about Good Luck (and how to get it) and Bad Luck/Evil (and how to avert it)? Through art and symbols, of course! We’ll discuss some of the most common apotropaic symbols from the Roman World.  This class will discuss imagery that may not be appropriate for all audiences. 

Lecture – Adult Only

Czina Angielczyka – Bjornsborg

The 12th Century – A General Overview

A general overview of 12th century Europe with a focus on the mid 12th century in England.

Lecture – Youth 13+

Thomas of Tenby – Bryn Gwlad

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Metal & Leatherworking

Introduction to Sandcasting

Ever want to learn how to do sandcasting for metal. Here is how to get started in this art.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Vincenti da Murano – Namron

Patterns and Methods for Hardened Leather Armour

This class will cover historical evidence for hardened leather armor in Western Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, demonstration of key techniques and tools, patterns, and step-by-step instructions for making authentic replicas that are practical for SCA combat.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Maelgwyn Dda – Hellsgate

Pewter Casting in Soapstone 

Come learn to create a soapstone mold and cast a pewter medallion.  Materials and tools provided. 

Hands on – Youth 13+ with Adult – Size limit is 8 with z $7-$10 class fee depending on materials used

Ulfeior a Prondheimi – Ffynnon Gath

Shoe covers for modern shoes

Several ways to cover modern to shoes, with some finished examples.

Demonstration – Adult Only

HRM Ansteorra, Sven Randullsson IV

Viking Wire Weaving

Make necklaces and bracelets like the Vikings did. Looks great and it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

Hands On- 13+ with an Adult

Sven Karlsson – Steppes

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Performance & Music

Drumming in Western Music

 Learn Western Drumming development from breath to feet, and how drummers find their rhythms from patterns of speech and dance. Bring a drum to use or share, and we will tell you want the dance masters had on their mind for the different types of dances.  

Hands On – Youth 13+

Sean Tabor – Steppes

Grounds of the Renaissance

Let’s delve into the resonant world of ground bass, known in the Elizabethan era simply as ‘Grounds.’ Far from the mundane coffee grounds, this is the harmonic foundation that underpinned much of the instrumental music from the Renaissance and beyond. In our exploration, we’ll uncover the unique characteristics that set grounds apart from other bass lines of the time. We’ll examine their role in the music of the period and discover the various types of grounds that composers employed to enrich their melodies during this vibrant epoch of musical history.” 

Lecture – 13+ with Adult

Robin Carrot – Bjornsborg

Introduction to Ansteorra’s Common Dance and Court Repertoire

Want to play for dancing balls or courts?  Come and learn some dance and court repertoire with our current Kingdom Music Deputy and former Music Deputy. We will have several speakers and play a little as well. Bring your instrument or you are welcome to just sit and enjoy the music.

Hands on – All Ages Welcome

Ansteorra Musicians Collective – Ansteorra

Music in the Plays of Shakespeare

Music in the Plays of Shakespeare. Shakespeare and music enthusiasts, this class is tailored just for you. Embark on a journey with Robin Carrot to delve into the musical landscape of Shakespeare’s plays. Together, we’ll explore the songs woven into his works and uncover the potential origins and forms of their initial musical compositions.

Hands on – Youth 13+ with Adult

Robin Carrot – Bjornsborg

Nineteen Syllable Poetic Thoughts

Are you poetically inclined? Does the thought of speaking in riddles intrigue you? If you understand what a syllable is and love to play with your words, I have a poetic metric for you. We will be actively writing a poem with only 19 syllables per stanza. With layers, similar to a parfait or onion, you will learn how to be concise with your words while conveying vivid imagery. Participants must have a firm understanding of what a syllable is, various rhyme schemes, a willingness to stretch their minds, and be over the age of 16. A brief history of the origins of the metric will be addressed with the majority of the class time being spent writing poetry. Paper and writing implements will be available, but participants are encouraged to bring their own.

Hands on – 13+

Rosa de Armanno – Bjornsborg

Polyphonic Music of the Renaissance

Music Reading session for 8ft pitch renaissance instruments (Treble/Tenor/Bass Viols, vielles, lutes, Tenor/Bass Recorders).

Hands on – Adult Only – Intermediate to advanced sight reading skills REQUIRED

Albrecht Catsprey – Loch Soilleir

Voices of the Star: Ansteorran History through Song, Story, and Poetry

One of the duties and privileges of a bard in the SCA is to preserve and pass on our kingdom’s history.  Ansteorra has a rich legacy of songs, stories, and poetry … and some interesting stories behind the songs, stories, and poems.  Come learn a few pieces that deserve to be remembered and shared, as you learn about some of our kingdom’s heroes.

Hands On – Children 8+ with Adult

Katrina of Coventry & Annes Clotilde Von Bamburg – Stargate & Ravensfort

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SCA Life

The 10 Foot Rule

New to the SCA, or want to take it further. Come hear examples and ideas for complying with the 10 foot rule or how to hide the mundane in our world. 

Demonstration – All Ages Welcome

Arthur of the Fen – Elfsea

A Non-Peer’s Look at Peerage

A healthy relationship between Peers and people who are not Peers is critical to the SCA’s success. As a non-Peer myself who has developed excellent friendships with several Peers over the years, I would like facilitate a discussion of how non-Peers approach Peerage.

Hands On – Adult Only

Detlef von Margurg – Hellsgate

AREN’T YOU TOO OLD FOR THIS! – Staying Golden Past Your Middle Ages

What ideas can we share to survive SCA events at 65 and above. A discussion of ideas we’ve discovered or need to know if we’re going to keep playing. 

Round Table – All Ages Welcome

Ann Harper – Bjornsborg

Cricut & the SCA Arts

Ideas and demonstration for using the Cricut (or other die cutting machines) in the SCA.  Will go over various applications/ideas, basics of how the Cricut software works, basics of how the machine itself works and some suggestions on how to organize everything in your craft room.

Hands On – Youth 13+ with Adult

HRM Ansteorra, Atigone of York III

Insights for Event Promotion

If you are part of an upcoming event or are thinking about volunteering, this class offers various ways for all parts of an event to be promoted that are often overlooked or forgotten. You want people to attend your event, people want to know what is happening at your event, here is where you find helpful ways to let people know what you need them to know. Autocrat, Gate Coordinator, Feastocrat, Champion, etc., there is something for all volunteers to make an event happen. This class is open to individuals eligible to participate in event planning.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Rosa de Armanno – Bjornsborg

Introduction to Event Stewarding

This discussion will go over the basics of being the event steward for an event.  It will be a guide to the process necessary to ensure you have all details of an event covered

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Goldweard of St Golias – Bryn Gwlad

How to Create a More Inclusive Practice

Review of Sir Rauokinn of An Tir’s Guide and other applied actionable items that have been used in the Barony of the Steppes.

Lecture – Adults Only

HRM Ansteorra, Antigone of York III

How to Design a Class

Do you have a subject, craft, historical event, or anything else you’ve ever wanted to share, or been told “you should teach a class on that” but have no idea where to start putting together a class? Then this class is for you! Have you done some classes but feel like you’d like to improve them? This class is also for you! We will be going over the basics of class design and needs for several different types of courses to help make planning and implementing your class ideas easier less stressful, and successful!

Lecture – Children 8+ with Adult

Lillias MacGuffin – Wiesenfeuer

List Coordination 102 – Larger and More Complex Tournaments

Are you a list mistress but want to advance your skills. Learn how to run larger and more complicated martial tournament styles.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Nicaize Maupetit – Bryn Gwlad

Precedence,  Position, Prestige 

Introduction to emblems of rank, forms of address, job titles and function, scope of authority and interaction. Difference between Precedence and Prestige in the SCA.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

Arthur of the Fen – Elfsea

Running a Successful Encampment

This class will teach attendees what they need to know to run an successful encampment at an SCA camping event.  Students will learn about the key components of an encampment, important considerations for communication and preparation, modifications for longer events, stretch goals that you can incorporate, and most importantly: how to define “success”.  The goal is for students to leave this class with a good understanding of how to plan and run a successful, inclusive encampment that keeps people coming back for more.

Lecture – All Ages Welcome

kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir – Bryn Gwlad

SCA Governing Documents – 102

High level review of what are and are not SCA Governing documents, how they relate to other SCA documents, and clarifying myths about them.

Lecture – Youth 13+

Phelim Gervase called Pug – Bryn Gwlad

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