You can appeal scores for Kingdom Arts and Sciences provided that you have met the following requirements:

  • Sent your documentation two weeks before the completion.
  • There was something missed in your documentation that caused your entry to be down scored.
  • You met with your judge before or on the day of the competition to set mutual expectations.

You may also appeal if your entry at whole or in part was down scored inappropriately as out of period, non-European.

If you have met one of the two scenarios, please contact the Kingdom MOAS for a review. This will not change any championship or Gulf War selections from the crown, but we will provide pilgrim tokens after the competition if the entry now scores 40-50.

You may not appeal food entries that the judge deems unsafe or a refusal to score for a safety reason.

All appeals will be handled on a case basis. Thank you for helping us improve policies, transparency and judging education.