Ansteorra College of Scholars

Starting 2024

Welcome to the Ansteorra College of Scholars. Like an early medieval university, this has no walls, it grants no degrees, and it travels where it is wanted and needed. The college has three departments:

Investigatio – Research

The purpose of this department is to connect researchers with artists and sciences for the purpose of finding and vetting resources. This group is a set of volunteers that have a background in library science or in education that can help guide you in best practices and help you get your project researched well.

Scriptio – Writing

The purpose of scriptio is helping artists and scientists with editing and writing. Not everyone taught to write well and especially for critical analysis or writing about a process. This group is a set of volunteers that work in the writing profession, are capable editors, or in education. They can help you edit your writing and give you tips to improve on the points you are making in your documentation.

Mentoris – Mentoring

The purpose of mentoris is to provide mentors to artists and scientists that may not feel ready or able to work with a laurel on their work. These volunteers will help you learn how to guide someone in their journey and assist with their process. This group will also provide training for general education in topics such as judging, and use of technology.