About the Order of the Laurel

Who They Are and What They Do

The Order of the Laurel is one of the four society Peerages, equal in standing with the Orders of the Pelican, Chivalry, and Defense. It is the highest accolade given in the SCA for excellence in the Arts and Sciences.

It is not only an accolade. Laurels work to inspire others to create beautiful and authentic works through teaching and example. The order provides judging, teaching and mentorship at all kingdom events. They also serve as a governing body to advise the ministry of arts and sciences on ways to serve the community and move it forwards.

Laurels also mentor and judge at the local and personal level. Members take individuals as personal students or apprentices to help them achieve membership in this order. You can identify an apprentice through the custom of wearing of a green belt or through special tokens individual to the Laurel that gives them.

For more information, contact the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister, who is also a laurel.