Other Kingdom Judged Events

Kingdom Performance

Also, known as Kingdom Bardic, Royal Bard, or Eisteddfod, this does not use the Kingdom Arts and Sciences judging forms. Unlike a Kingdom Arts and Sciences performance, this is an audition to be the crown’s court entertainer: bard, musician, poet, actor, storyteller, etc. However, like KAS your judges will provide comments and suggestions on taking your art to the next level. This is the Crown’s performer, and they make the final choice at their discretion.

The royal performer (example Royal Storyteller or Royal Musician) will need to be available to perform for the crown and their guests throughout their tenure. The crown will set their particular expectations for travel at the beginning of the competion but usually prior to the event.

The Simple Bardic/Performance Judging Sheet is often used at royal performances and other championship auditions but other forms may be used.

Middle Eastern Dance Champion

Middle Eastern dance is a hybrid of Royal Performance and Kingdom A&S. Like Kingdom A&S, each entrant needs to perform with dance elements that are consistent with period traditions. Dance documentation is suggested but not required. It should contain a list of the period elements you will be performing and how you will be executing them. There is written research for Persian and Turkish dance. However, not all cultures have written dance documentation. Sources can be oral, (example: videos from dance ethnographers, or dance anthropologists), and pictures from manuscripts (miniatures and statuary from Central and South Asia. It is highly recommended to ask for drummers to perform with you or to choose a recorded work that is not obviously modern. This can also be part of your research. This dance can be improv or choreographed. It is up to you.

The second round will be like Royal Performance. This is an audition; bring your best improv dancing. If you like props, bring them. If you have dance moves that you are pretty sure are modern, that is fine too. This is all about the spirit of middle eastern dance entertainment. Keep in mind, you will be performing your improv dance to a standard middle eastern rhythm (Iqa). The most popular rhythms requested are Beladi, Chifftitellie, Falfoof, and Ayoub. One may also be assigned to you at the crown’s discretion. If you have a special one you would like played, please make sure you get with the drummers beforehand.

The middle eastern dance champion will need to be available to perform for the crown and their guests throughout their tenure and asked to support haflas around the kingdom.

Middle Eastern Dance Judging Form – 1/2017