Arts & Sciences Events


Ansteorra has events that are specifically for Arts & Sciences as well as local events that have Arts & Sciences competitions or are Arts & Sciences focused.

The annual Kingdom level events are…

  • Kings College – A day of classes in many topics
  • Kingdom Arts & Sciences – A competition to recognize the best artists in the Kingdom
  • Laurel’s Prize Tournament – A day of display and consultation for the community
  • Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance – A competition in Middle Eastern performance
  • Royal Bard – A competition for the best performer in the Kingdom

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

The primary goal of the SCA is to educate, and the Arts & Sciences program is about reviving lost arts and conducting experimental archeology.   By recreating period objects and studying period methods, the arts and sciences community helps bring us closer to understanding daily life in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  We have a large variety of arts as well as special deputies for performance, dance, music, Middle-Eastern studies, historical combat studies and historical equestrian.  Though primarily focused on Europe, study groups include Latinx, African, the Silk Road, Early American Colonial and Asian cultures, as well as studies of people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals in Europe and the rest of the world.  If you can dream it, someone is ready to share your love of your art. 

For The Next Arts Focused Events

for more information on Kingdom events see the Ansteorra Kingdom Calendar and look for the tags A&S and Arts & Sciences

Ministry of Arts & Sciences

The ministry of Arts & Sciences provides resources and structure for the Arts & Sciences communities. Ministers are assigned for most local groups, at the regional level with oversight from a Kingdom minister. There are also deputies for each of the special programs.

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Special Programs

Some communities are large or have special needs. Each of these programs has its own resources and Kingdom Deputy. These are:


Some displays and competitions require documentation on how the art was done in the specific period of the art displayed, or performance. There are also people who excel in research and write papers on various subjects prior to 1600. Here are some helpful groups, handbooks, and tips on how to get started in the SCA arts.

Order of the Laurel

Induction into the order of the Laurel is the highest honor in the SCA for Artisans & Scientists. These individuals lead the community in their work and by their conduct.

For a list of Laurels in Ansteorra or are part of its history…


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