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Who Are We and What Do We Do?

The primary goal of the SCA is to educate   By recreating period objects and studying period methods, the arts and sciences community helps bring us closer to understanding daily life in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Next Arts Focused Events

Kingdom Fiber Arts Symposium

Sat Jun 30th
First Christian Church
912 W. Walnut Ave.
Duncan, OK
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Join us for a day of classes that will take you from sheep to fabric and everything in-between. Weaving, Dyeing, Embellishment, Lace, and more.

Class Submission Form

Local Food & Lodging

Class Schedule & Descriptions to be Posted in June

Steppes Artisan

Sat Jul 7th

Steppes Artisan is the annual competition that encompasses a person’s body of work in a craft of their choosing. It is usually held on a Saturday in July. Artisans are only chosen here and have the privilege of being a judge in subsequent Steppes Artisans events.

In recent Artisan competitions there has also been a just-for-fun Brownie competition and a fund-raising bake sale.

Middle Eastern Culture Symposium

Saturday July 28th 2018

8:00AM-Until the Dancing is Done
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center
5550 FM2495 Athens Texas 75752

The Kingdom of Ansteorra’s Middle Eastern Community is hosting a symposium on the Arts and Sciences of the Middle East in conjunction with Shire of Graywood. Not only will there be Dance, and Music classes, there will be classes in Food, Textiles and other Daily Life, which includes everything from Middle Eastern Siege Engines to making your own Shoes. After hours we will have a sumptuous Greek feast sideboard and Hafla (an evening of Dance and Music). Be you Sarasin or Crusader, there will be classes for ALL. Come explore the wonders of the East.

Class Coordinator
Biatrichi Canzionari
Jane Bretz

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