The officers in an SCA group hold positions of responsibility within the group.  They are tasked with organizing and promoting activities in their field, supporting the members of the populace in learning and discovering new skills and disciplines, and working with leadership to ensure that the group remains in compliance with Society and mundane law.

Office NameOffice BadgeOfficer NameOfficer Email
SeneschalJean Vasse De la;
TreasurerH.L. Margaret
WebministerTaking Applicationsemail Seneschal
HeraldTrygve Looinkinni
Minister of Arts & SciencesTaking Applicationsemail Seneschal
Knights MarshallIvo Ballerlucriolucrio1986@gmail. com
HospitalerTaking Applicationsemail Seneschal
ChroniclerTaking Applicationsemail Seneschal