We Create

Clothing, jewelry, art objects, utensils, furniture, foodstuffs, music, dancing, games, and other components of pre-1600 cultures provide the backdrop that makes the SCA dream come to life. If it was made or studied in the middle ages or Renaissance, the odds are very good that someone in the SCA can teach you how to re-create it. There are ample opportunities to display the fruits of your creative labors, as well, both in your own camp and at events organized specially for that purpose.

Photo Credit: Viscountess Elashava bas Riva

Arts & Sciences

Discover arts, sciences, and skills dated prior to 1600s anywhere in the world!

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Learn about names, devices, arms, voice heralding and more. Create your persona and dive into the dream.

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Take part in documenting our history, our accomplishments, from the day-to-day to the legends of our Society!

We Fight

From single combat in formal or informal tournament settings all the way to huge melees hosting hundreds of warriors on a side, with a wide variety of single and double-handed weapons, shields, bows, and siege engines, the SCA can satisfy just about any combat craving you may have. You may find yourself sprinting across open fields, crashing through the woods, assaulting heavily-defended towns, pushing and bludgeoning a path over bridges, leaping and dodging your way through tavern brawls, and even navigating narrow gangplanks at speed in (simulated) ship-to-ship battles.

You will discover how to design and build your own shields and weapons and have the opportunity to learn the armorer’s craft. Safety rules help make sure warriors in the SCA go home hale and hearty. The battles and wars here have no enemies, only friends. Our blows are never struck in anger, but in the spirit of friendly competition.

Photo Credit: Ursus of Anglesey

Rattan Combat

SCA fully armored combat using rattan weapons, swords, spears, axes, and more.

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Rapier Combat

Rapier combat using blunted steel weapons, both heavy rapier and cut & thrust styles.

Photo Credit: Ursus of Anglesey

Archery & Missile Weapons

Includes target archery, combat archery, thrown weapons, and siege engines.

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Horseback riding, mounted combat, mounted archery, jousting and more.

Photo Credit: Ursus of Anglesey

Youth Combat

Ansteorra offers all forms of youth combat including boffer combat, youth rapier, and archery.

Earl Marshal Badge

Contact the Earl Marshal

The Earl Marshal is the officer who oversees all marshal activities in Ansteorra. Marshals volunteer to keep our combat safe and fun!

We Serve

If making things come together is your passion, the SCA has you covered. From assistant to a local officer all the way up to senior executive corporate positions, the SCA’s administrative infrastructure is an ideal place to gain experience in the day-to-day operations of an educational nonprofit organization. There are dozens of events held almost every weekend of the year worldwide, each of which requires a team of dedicated volunteers. As part of our nonprofit educational mandate, the SCA also puts on many different demonstrations of medieval and Renaissance life for local schools and other educational organizations.

Volunteer work not only reaps great immediate rewards, it forges friendships that can last a lifetime. Occasional helper or lifelong dedication to serving, the SCA has a place for you.


The business arm of our Non-Profit Organization. Seneschals manage the day-to-day runnings of local and regional chapters.


The financial arm of Ansteorra that manages our expenses, income, and equipment


Hospitalers are our newcomer officers. They help new and returning people find the groups and activities they enjoy!


Our webministers manage our digital infrastructure — websites, hosting services, forms, and so much more!

Have feedback for the Kingdom Webminister? Email them at kingdom@webminister.ansteorra.org.