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The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an organization dedicated to the recreation and reenactment of pre 17th century cultures. Our mission is to recreate history as it should have been — similar to a live action roleplay, or LARP.

The Ansteorra Royal Court opens at the April 2022 Crown Tournament Event
Pictured (left to right): Their Serene Highnesses of Vindheim, Their Royal Majesties Ansteorra, The Newly Revealed Royal Highnesses of Ansteorra, and the Royal Herald Brian O’hUilliam
Photo Credit: kolfinna inn kyrra Ottarsdottir

What We Do

The SCA hosts weekly practices, gatherings, and classes, and even has large scale, immersive events on the weekends where participants can test their combat skills, participate in a bardic circle, and much much more!

Ansteorra Map Parchment (Margery Heron)
Map of Ansteorra – Parchment Style Artwork by Margery Heron

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